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personnel system

NPD Co.,Ltd runs a talent- and performance-oriented personnel system to create a "fun and rewarding workplace" for his organization members.
The Company conducts compensation (salary pay, promotion) corresponding to performance through a fair and reasonable assessment based on individual performance and achievement based on individual goals.
We aim for a thorough meritocratic compensation system and operate a compensation system that allows us to share the company's Vision and share achievements based on a thorough salary system.
Every year, the company conducts a "Profit Sharing" that shares part of the profits based on management performance with all employees.

Recruitment procedure

NPD Co.,Ltd is frequently hired when new employees are required or vacated by each department. You can check the frequent recruitment through our recruitment notice.


Those who are to be rewarded shall be treated favorably by the relevant statutes. You can cancel your admission if the content of your resume, including your academic background and experience, is found to be false.